Learning to Sing – Is an Enjoyable Pastime


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Learning to Sing – Is an Enjoyable Pastime

Seriously, when I began to learn to sing I had heard and understood that you sing

in a similar way you speak.
What a comforting thought or so I believed. Don’t get

caught with this red herring, it is one of the most misleading statements

ever. It is just not true!
OK, you do some things in a comparable way, both singing and dialogue use your voice and

articulate organs in the mouth, with the sound passing through the mouth and

nose. And of course, they both make use of the same fuel: Air. But the

similarity ends there.
Do they?

Well let us reflect

on the question a moment.

On Learning to articulate .. .

We have all been taught to articulate when we were small tots.

Without much difficulty. And now we have perfected the process, have we not?

And now the complexity of the operation presents us with no major


But think about it. You did a fantastic performance by learning to

speak. You have your own particular way of

articulating that mimics how your parents and others around you

speak. Your voice is unique and accredits you as a full member of

society. This is your mother tongue

Do you understand what you’ve done? Perhaps you’re

similar to me and you do not stop at just learning one language. But to my dismay each

additional language was more difficult than the last. That is when I appreciated

what an achievement it was to learn to articulate in the first place.

Learning a second language involved learning to articulate all over

again, with different ways of doing things. And I was no longer the

all-absorbing child. It was hard, it means that I have to start learning to say Mama and Papa all over again! A bit scary to say the least.

Learning to Sing

Learning to sing is like learning a second language, but this time it’s called music.

However, you can’t just get by articulating it. You are also not even free to

move at your own pace, you are guided by the flow of the music. You must not only

follow the tempo, but you also discovered a thing called pitch which must also be obeyed, taking notice

of any changes in pitch as required. Not easy.

In the world of singing, instead of just being classified as either male or female, you are further classified as a bass, baritone, tenor, alto or soprano. Additionally, if you

become involved in classical music you are also classified as lyrical or dramatic, or somewhere in


If that’s not enough you’re told that you can’t breathe properly – what a

cheek! And not only that but you no longer stand properly and that your face is completely in the

wrong position, although it points to the front. Oh! and just for the record, you do

not articulate in the proper manner. As you should.

Do you still want to sing?

I hope so. don’t get upset, help is at hand.

The Internet is a valuable source of singing techniques.

Learning to sing is a incredible new journey into a new language. you will need

discipline, and that means changing the way we use our vocal instrument.

When we have all the important tools in our

possession, go for it!

And you parents out there, give your kids a helping hand by learning to sing yourself and sing to them.

Then they can learn to sing whilst they are learning to talk.

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