Lose belly fat: right guidance and determination can help!


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Losing weight has considerably become a crucial factor, in fact agenda, in many people’s lives. On one hand, people want to lose belly fat quickly and on the other hand, it is also a true fact that quick weight loss is not magic at all. It requires troublesome efforts and diet control? This is not always true, however! These days when you go to search for the weight loss methods, you will find plentiful and losing belly fat has become quite easy and quick nowadays. By adopting the right plan and right kind of diet, you can lose belly fat quite easily.

Of course, it’s really not difficult to understand how the whole “fat paranoia” came to be. First of all, we are hugely influenced by what we read and hear and see in the media. And let’s face it… all the books were saying you need to go low fat.
Furthermore, it’s not much of a stretch to reason that if you eat more fat, you will become fatter…

Unfortunately… that’s just not how it works. It is the various combinations of protein, fat, and carbohydrates you eat that work together. Depending on which combination you eat (and how much of each), your body will either store fat or burn fat. Not to mention helping with blood pressure and cholesterol, or making it worse!

The Hormone Revolution

I am writing this email sitting at my local mega book store and as I entered the store there was a big table set up boasting a bunch of the latest diet books. I picked up the first four and skimmed the contents, and you know what? “Low fat” is LONG GONE. And it’s about time!

From the handsome star of that new health show, “The Doctors”, to fitness guru and hottie Jillian Michaels, to old standbys like “The Zone”, “Protein Power” and “Atkins” – these books (and so many more) all share the same theme… the theme that has finally, thankfully, replaced the low fat song.

What new theme do you ask?

Hormones. You have the incredible power of being able to set your metabolism to whatever “state” you choose. Just with food. The low-fat diet (quite ironically) ends up setting your metabolism to a “fat storing” state, where a Primal diet will set your metabolism to a “fat burning” state. It really is your choice.

The amount of research available now, and testing that has been done, is staggering. (Including my own health recovery story!) But all you really need to do is try it for yourself. See how you feel on a low-fat diet; see if you lose weight at all; see how hungry you are all the time! THEN compare it to a Primal diet. The proof is in the pudding. (Um… but stay away from pudding).

There are many factors which contribute to an increase in weight. Hormonal changes or weight increase due to pregnancy are also prime reasons. However, these are the factors which can be tackled by proper guidance and the right diet. When you eat a proper diet that is balanced, it is bound to give you many advantages and help you in a lot of ways. Some simple activities in daily life and right guidance can always help in losing weight easily and quickly. It does require certain efforts, proper guidance, and determination, but losing belly fat is not something that you cannot achieve.

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