Things to do on a Dead Sea Tour


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Things to do on a Dead Sea Tour

Taking a relaxing vacation is important for a healthy lifestyle, especially when the work is stressful. Vacations are important and help in bonding better with family and friends. If it is a place that rejuvenates both mind and body and is therapeutic in nature, it is all the better. A vacation in the Dead Sea area in Israel does just that.

The Dead Sea is one of the busiest tourist destinations in the world. There is probably no one, who has not dreamt of floating around in the Dead Sea with a favorite book in hand! The Dead Sea is very special because it is 400 meters below the sea level, and in such a beautiful area which offers a great variety of activities to do for the entire family. The Dead Sea is naturally rich in therapeutic minerals and salts that do wonders for the skin. Day tours are the most convenient way to see around the Dead Sea and get a taste of the rich history and natural beauty, not to mention a relaxing dip or float in the beach for a natural spa experience.

One of the places that should not be missed during the visit to the Dead Sea is the fort Masada, built by King Herod. What makes this beautiful rugged natural fort interesting is that the king built his fort high upon this naturally rugged plateau. There are beautiful towers, bathhouses, palaces and storage sites that can be visited and interesting hiking paths full of breathtaking views of the Dead Sea, a mountain of moan and Ein Gedi natural reserve. Out of all the palaces and bath sites, the northern palace is the most beautiful one complete with beautiful views which makes it worth a visit. Along with the grandeur of the king’s rule, bits and pieces of the life of Jewish rebels can also be witnessed in Masada. Evidence of their lives in the form of gold coins, ammunition, skeletons that belonged to soldiers and various inscriptions were found in Masada, which adds a new dimension of history to the fort. The top of the fort can be reached by an amazing experience of riding cable cars, or by enjoying the beauty of nature, hiking. If planning the vacation between March and October, the famous sound and light show that sings the story of rebels in Masada should not be missed.

Adding contrast to the vast and beautiful desert landscapes and cliffs all around is this little heaven in the Dead Sea called Ein Gedinatural reserve. This oasis was transformed into lush green wood by the inhabitants who loved to co-exist with nature, generations back. What makes this place so unique and must-visit is that it offers a completely different experience where the beautiful beaches and the natural greenery rich with flora and fauna, takes the breath away. To have diversity in the tour, Ein Gedi is recommended in the one-day itinerary of the Dead Sea area.

Although a day is not really enough to visit one of the most beautiful places on earth, covering these three important places will give enhance the experience and relax the senses, each in its own way. With such diverse experiences in store, Dead Sea is surely one of the best places to vacation in the world.

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